What is P3 Plays?


It’s a new name for an old venture we started in 1981. We were twentysomethings who had found a new relationship with Jesus. Most of us were the first Christians in our families and we longed to share the Gospel with our loved ones in creative ways. Plays became our empty canvas for painting stories that reflected our joy, trials, defeats and triumphs—everything we were learning as disciples of Jesus.


After some 15 years of annual plays, we took a hiatus and came back to the stage in 2010 with Thirst. After performing that for three years, we’re really very excited about our present production, Airwaves.


Of course, the original actors have moved on in the age department, but we’re happy to say that P3 players range in age from their 60s to teens and kids. As it takes nearly a hundred of us to put on one play, it is truly a multi-generational experience.


Ultimately, our goal is bring truth to light with compelling storylines that touch our hearts and challenge our minds. Most people say that they leave our performances with a new understanding of our God’s pure love.


What kind of productions can I expect?

Our plays are written and produced in-house. They are musical dramas seasoned with humor that offer insight into God’s amazing love and the needs of the human heart. Our audiences usually find themselves deeply touched as truth comes alive in ways to which they can relate.


Our plays often include multimedia presentations that enhance the story through visual and audio effects.


All our songs are original, written in conjunction with each play’s storyline. They are produced by P3Plays musicians and singers. The songs from Thirst, our previous production are still available on CD.


How have audiences responded to P3 Plays?


Here are just a few comments from audience members impacted by previous productions:


“I’ve seen this play more than once…I laughed and cried every time!”


“I couldn’t stop thinking about this play for two weeks after I saw it!”


“I loved the music!”


What does P3 stand for?

Passion, Paradise and Purpose. For us, those three simple words hold a world of meaning, describing three facets of our relationships with the Lord.


Passion: It’s comprehending God’s passion for intimacy with us and the passion He longs us to have for Him.


Paradise: It’s calling us back to the trust relationship the man and woman had with God in the Garden, one marked by transparency and a delight in Him, His will and His ways.


Purpose: It’s stepping into our personal and corporate destinies through full surrender to our King as we are transformed so we can love others as He has loved us.


Why are ticket prices so low for such a quality production?

We purposely keep prices low because we consider our plays to be ministry. We never want anyone to be turned away because of a lack of finances. But the ticket price does not reflect the level of our production--you’ll find it top notch!


What other plays has P3 Plays produced?

Besides Thirst, here are the last eight:


The Image

The Parable

Born to Die

The Unveiling

With the Dawn Came Dancing

A Tender Heart

Most Beloved, Most Despised



What themes are important to P3 Plays?

We are all about global themes that every heart faces. Here are some we have approached:


Our need for a Savior








Spiritual apathy and confusion



Our greatest desire is to clearly depict the Father’s heart of redemption. We believe that when we see the Lord clearly it is hard not to follow Him with abandon.


How often will I hear from P3 Plays?

At this time, we only do one production per year with only a few performances from which to choose. In other words, don’t miss this opportunity. It will be a year before the train pulls back into this station.


Where do P3 Plays present their productions?

For many years, we put on plays in Timothy Christian School's auditorium. In recent times, we have used the auditoriums of Morton East, Lyons Township and Streamwood high schools, as well as North Central College. We are presently at Barrows Auditorium inside the Billy Graham Center on Wheaton College's campus. Airwaves is not associated with Wheaton College, but we are grateful to be presenting in this honored place.


Two brothers, two stations...

Words cannot be retrieved,

but they can be redeemed.

Box office: 630.673.4043


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