Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Performance?

The play will last approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes (not including intermission).

Is there an intermission?
Yes, there is a 20 minute intermission that takes place 80 minutes into the production.
Age Guidance
Airwaves is recommended for ages 12 and over.
Is Airwaves a musical?
Airwaves does feature music and a pre-recorded, fully-orchestrated sound track.
Can I bring my own food and drink on site?
No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium.
How much are tickets?
Tickets are $10 in advance and $14 at the door.  Tickets for groups of 8 are $8.
What is the show Schedule?
There will be two performances on Saturday, March 15, at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm.
What time do the theatre doors open?
Doors will open approximately 30 minutes before show time.
When can we arrive at the site?
You are welcome to arrive as early as 45 minutes before show time.
What will happen if I am late for the performance?
You will be held in the foyer until a suitable point in the performance. You may also be asked to sit in easily accessed seating and then will be free to move to better seats during intermission.
Can I buy tickets on site?
Yes.  They will be $14 at the door.
How many seats are inside the Theatre?
There are more than 500 seats available in the Barrow’s Auditorium.
Is there wheelchair accessible seating/ADA seating?
There is limited wheelchair seating available.  Please call for availability.
Can I take photographs or video inside the Theatre?
No. Photography and filming are not allowed. In addition, all cell phones and pagers and other electronic devices must be switched off.
Are animals allowed at Airwaves?
With the exception of service dogs/Seeing Eye dogs, animals are not allowed.
Can I smoke at Airwaves?
The Barrows Auditorium is a non-smoking venue.

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